My Story

Jordan is a photographer from Northern Kentucky. He is a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in information technology.

Jordan’s interest in photography was sparked at a young age. At just 4 years old a toy camera was one of his favorite things to play with. By age 6, equipped with a hand-me-down film camera, Jordan became more interested in capturing moments, snapping photos on every school field trip and family vacation.

Fast forward to middle school and Jordan was working as a yearbook editor tasked with photographing the year’s events. Covering sports and school events helped put a quiet and introverted kid among the action, and this is where a true interest in photography began.

In college Jordan worked as photo editor at the University of Kentucky’s student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel, his dream job at his dream school. During his three years at the Kernel, Jordan covered almost every sport the University hosts. His personal favorites to shoot were basketball, baseball, and gymnastics. He has had the opportunity to cover some high profile events, including the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby and the NCAA Division I Men’s basketball tournament. Though action is Jordan’s specialty, he has also been able to branch out and shoot subjects like fashion and concerts for the Kernel’s publications.

Jordan is currently available for sports and event photography in the Northern Kentucky area.

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